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A & C

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are experienced in all roofing and property maintenance work, guaranteeing a premium service from start to finish.

All roofing work undertaken, repairs and upgrades,

from replacing loose or broken tiles to a

complete new roof

We Build Complete New Roofs And Re-roof

We offer construction and upgrades, to hassle free dry roofing systems including Dry Ridge and Dry Verge.

Dry Roofing Systems

We install or upgrade Dry Ridge and Dry Verge

Dry Roofing Systems have many more advantages than the older mortar type fixtures.

Dry roofing systems are much more durable, secure, maintenance free, prevent birds etc. from accessing the roof space which may cause other problems, waterproof and weatherproof.

There are colour choices too.

We carry out all fascia, soffit and gutter repairs and /or upgrade to new upvc roofline products.

The new roofline products have many advantages over the older type of fascia, soffits and gutter systems.

New builds usually have the up-to-date roofline products incorporated and older properties can be upgraded.

New products are much more durable, no maintenance, weatherproof, keep out the birds from nesting and causing roofing problems, etc.

There are a choice of colours, styles and designs to choose from.

We carry out gutter cleaning, repairs and/or upgrade all types of gutters and down pipes.

Are your gutters constantly getting blocked?

Then have your guttering system reconstructed with skill and precision to ensure you never have the problem again.

It is essential to keep the gutters clear as they help keep your roof/property dry. Rain water drains away from the roof into the gutters, downpipes and into the drainage system. Any blockages can cause numerous problems, one of which is dampness in the interior of properties which is unhealthy and damaging to the building. We would advise having the gutters cleaned at least twice a year to keep them in tip top condition. Simple cleaning and small repairs avoid much larger and expensive jobs if left.  Contact us for more information.

All of our workforce are fully trained, insured and experienced.

We offer a wide array of repair services:

All types of Roof Repairs, Fascia, Soffit, Gutter and Chimney Repairs.

Verge repairs, ridge tiles re-bedded, roof tile replacements, lead and valley repairs.

We inspect chimneys for wear and tear and conduct maintenance where necessary.

Your tile hanging out of place? Chunks of concrete falling down? Then call us now to have tiles repaired and replaced.

A & C Roofing & Guttering can transform your conservatory (roof) into a room that can be used all year round.

Effective weather proofing
  Insulated to reduce glare from the sun or noise from the rain.
Choice of finishes
  The interior can be finished with plasterboard or tongue-and-groove.
Guaranteed quality
  10 year product guarantee on the roof system, up to 20 years on tiles.
Reliable assured service

Roof repairs

Ridge Tile Repairs

We carry out ridge tile repairs and also upgrade to the new dry ridge systems.

The traditional way of securing the ridge tiles was with mortar which is a mixture of sand and cement. This does secure the ridge tiles, however, the weather eventually takes its toll on the mortar and causes it to crack and crumble and the ridge tiles can become loose. We remove any loose ridge tiles and the old cracked mortar, clean the area, re-line, then replace all the mortar with new, and re-bed the ridge tiles. This does make the ridge tiles secure.

The new dry ridge systems are much more dependable, durable and cost effective, see our dry roofing page.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Re-pointing

Over time, weathering and decay causes deterioration in the joints between masonry. This allows water penetration which can cause significant damage.

Repointing is the process of renewing the mortar joints between bricks or masonry.

Having damaged joints between your bricks or masonry repointed prevents water penetration and the consequential damage.

Repointing will also enhance the external appearance of the building.

The picture above shows a new roof on the left and the roof on the right is fairly new but the chimney has been neglected and shows signs of the mortar missing, crumbling and the bricks becoming unstable.

Re-pointing would be a cheaper alternative than leaving it, where it may get to the point of becoming unsafe and risk damaging the roof or falling on to passers by or damaging cars.

Also note the plant life growing out of the chimney pots.

Chimney Stacks

Most chimney damage or decay starts from the top down.  The top cement flaunching between you and your neighbour’s chimney pots should be laid in one continuous section without cracks/split.  The cement flaunching should be cambered so rainwaters runs off the chimney to the outer edge.

The chimney stack is exposed to the full force of our weather. To withstand such conditions, chimney stacks must be maintained to the highest standard.

When repairs are required they should be made with the correct materials by an experienced contractor using appropriate tools and safety systems.

New Roofs

We remove all the old tiles, wooden battens and old roofing membranes.

We then install and fit a new breathable membrane designed specifically for roofs.

Install and secure new treated battens in preparation for the tiles.

Completion when the roof tiles are laid and secured.

New Roofs-images

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